How To Become a Freelance Data Scientist in 2021

How To Become a Freelance Data Scientist in 2021

How To Become a Freelance Data Scientist in 2021

What data scientists out there hasn't thought about making a little extra moolah on the side? We all have. So in this quick article, Galeri Loker going to give you three approaches you can use to take your data science skills and start selling them on the open market almost over night. 

And make sure you stick around to the end because that's where I'm gonna be sharing my top four secret battle-tested techniques for making sure you land that data science job, no matter what approach you decide to take first. 

Why am I qualified to tell you anything about becoming a freelance data scientist anyway? Well, I started freelancing as a data scientist way back in 2012 right after they coined the term data scientist. From there, I started my business Data Mania, and since then we have supported over 10% of Fortune 100 companies, so I started coaching other new data entrepreneurs how to hit six figures a fast in their own businesses.

Hi, I'm a Lillian person, and I support data professionals to becoming a world-class data leaders and entrepreneurs. 

So What I'm about to share with you, assume that you have some level of data science expertise.

Now, there are really two ways you can get started as a freelance data scientist, and so which you choose really has a lot to do with your level of experience and expertise in the data science space, let me touch on both of those methods really quickly, and then we'll go into details on how you can become a freelance data scientist almost over night. 

Now, what you can do is you can really start now or wait for the gold. And you have to decide which of these approaches make sense given your current circumstance. 

So With the Start Now method, this would be the approach you would take if you are looking to make money right away and you don't have any time to wait. 

Now, the kind jobs you're get with the Start Now method are most of these smaller contracts, not as high value, and the start method is really for new data science professionals or newer, I should say. 

Now, if this sounds like your newer data science and you're looking to... you need to make money right away. 

Then this article is for you. On the other hand, you may be an experienced data scientists and you really do know the value and the worth of your skill set, and in that case, I encourage you to wait for the gold. 

It's hot here, by the way. 

So if you are in the wait for the gold camp then, you're not looking to make a lot of money right away, you have time because you have a day job or they're paying you a decent... And in this case, what you would wanna do is spend your time and effort building up your brand equity, because in order for it to really make sense for you to sell your time or sell data science services on the open market, you're really gonna wanna charge about $300 per hour. 

And so getting set up and getting your credibility up to the point where you can charge those rates takes a little more time, which is why I say invest in brand equity. And If this is you and you're like, yes, I'm wait for the gold, sign me up for $300 an hour type of data freelancer, then you definitely wanna check out this article I created on how to sell your data science services for $300 an hour plus. 

I really pay close attention to what my community members are wanting for me so that I can create the very, most lovable content that I possibly can. 

So if you would, tell me in the comments below which of these methods do you feel like you would start right away, start now, or wait for the gold? Tell me in the comments below. 

The first trick I wanna share with you for landing freelance data scientist jobs right away is Facebook groups. 

Now, when I talk about Facebook groups, I am not talking about data science Facebook groups or places you would go to meet other data professionals because those people already have your skillset. 

You wanna go to Facebook groups where people need your skills, like startup communities, marketing communities, entrepreneurship communities where people are looking to grow and scale their business fast In terms of the pros and cons of landing clients through Facebook groups, the pros are that you can find some really high end classy clients inside of quality Facebook groups. 

Also, there's a lot less competition inside of Facebook groups. And then places like Upwork or Fiverr.

And a really nice thing about Facebook groups is if you help one person in the Facebook group or a few people, you have built-in word of mouth marketing where you can become a big go to a data expert inside of that Facebook. 

In terms of drawbacks for finding clients within Facebook groups, there tends to be a lot less demand, so it's gonna be harder to find the jobs. 

You'll also definitely need to spend some time networking and getting to know people inside of the communities before you can expect really land clients there, so it's a bit of a slower approach, and it's not a long term strategy for bringing in leads to skill. 

Here's how you use Facebook groups to find freelance data scientist positions. You just open up any of the entrepreneur or start up group, and then scroll down to find search icon and then go ahead and search one of the keywords related to your skills.

So I put data here and then a bunch of different positions will pop up that our data related... For this particular example, I scroll down and I found one LA based science consulting business, they were posting for help, so I clicked into her profile and I found a really good position for freelance data scientist, this is for UX Designer, but they're clearly hiring for data professionals, because they're building AI based chat bots, and so that is how you would use Facebook groups in order to find a freelance data scientist position.

Now, let's look at angel list in terms of the pros and cons of an list. As you can see, you can find decent-paying jobs and it's pretty similar to applying for an employment position. 

So if you're an employee now, then that's nice. It would be familiar to you.

Also, the application process is super duper simple. In terms of the drawbacks and no, there's gonna be, of course, way more competition and there are a lot less like true freelancing data scientist positions, mostly inside of angel list, you're gonna find people that want to hire you as a contractor, a freelance contractor for 40 hours a week and pay you what they would pay an employee, but not give any of the benefits employees get, so that is a no go. 

Here's how to find freelance data scientist position through angle list. 

Go ahead, open up Angle List, put in a data scientist or data analyst jobs to make sure you've got only turned on worldwide, and then just search through...

So a lot of these listings are gonna be trying to hire a freelance data scientists, full time for employee rates without giving them the benefits like health insurance and paid time off, so those are not good deals, I would avoid those, but if you search through these job postings, you can find ones that are offering $5000-10000, $1000 to $0000, if you look in the details, you can find that...

Okay, this is only a part time position. So on and so forth, you would click through into those and then I did that for this mentorship job and I see, Okay, they want three years of experience, you have to commit to five hours per month for 15 weeks.

They are asking for about 20 hours total, so it looks like they're willing to pay up to $500 per hour if his job listing is correct, and that's definitely an appropriate rate to pay a data science freelancers. 

So you can go ahead and hit the Apply button, and then just to write a note to the person who's hiring and hit send application, it's that simple. 

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room. 

Upwork, super duper easy to find a data science job on Upwork in terms of actually sourcing people who are hiring, all you would need to to go do is go in and search for data scientists or whatever your skill is that you're looking to get hired for, the drawback for these type of jobs are, of course, that it takes a lot of effort to go ahead and to submit a winning bid, there is a lot of competition and it's a race to the bottom.

So if you're looking to sign higher end rates, it's going to be rather difficult to do that because there's already a ton of established freelancers that people are going to go to first before they would go to you when you are brand new. 

If you're a new data science freelancer, then you probably aren't sure how to price out your services and what you actually work on the open market. 

The very first of those is AIDA, which is Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

How it really works is that you wanna make sure things like your headlines in your first sentences are all catching the attention of your perspective client, and then once you've got their attention, you want to make sure that you copy that what you're saying in the content that you're writing, that it catches their interest and it proves to them that you actually understand their problem and are able to offer them a solution. 

Then what you want to do in the desire section is make sure that you hint and bring up areas where you are credible, that you've been able to achieve results in the past, or what have you, if you just have skills, then say, I've got these skills that can produce X, Y and Z result. Something to make them desire you as the solution to their problem. 

And then lastly, you'll end it with A for action, which is the exact action they need to take in order to work with you. 

The next big thing about getting hired for freelance data science positions, if you want to make sure that you are spot on with your branding. So one way you can do that is to make sure that your profile avatar picture really pops, but you've got a clean background and that you stand out in the thumbnail, so people can identify you and that you look like a high quality and appearances and the value of appearances in terms of any images you might use in any of your brand collateral. 

Say for example, if you have blog posts or if you are creating your coding portfolio or whatever it is, make sure that all of your images are really high quality and also that they're tailored to the expectations and taste of the client avatar you are seeking to get hired by.

And of course, you wanna have very, very clear targeted headlines, which basically states who you help and how you help them.

So this all goes back to AIDA where you're looking to at first, capture someone's attention and then move into interest, desire, action, so that all starts with great captivating headlines. 

The next thing you'll wanna do is make sure that you spill out for them very clearly why you are the one for them, what is it about your credibility that screams expertise, that you are the expert on your topic in a sea of potential data science candidates. 

What is it about you that makes you special? And why should they care? Let me give you hint here, that almost everyone who hires freelancers, they do not care about what your data science courses you've taken or how many sorts of facets you have. 

They want to know that you understand their problem and you're able to solve it for them. Efficiently, quickly, without a lot of hand holding.

So these are the types of things you would want your credibility builders to reflect. 

And moving on to the last point, let's talk about pricing.

I would definitely suggest, especially if you're a new data science freelancer in that you are new to data science, I wouldn't let that keep you from wanting to do freelancing, but I would be very, very clear with your new clients, your prospective clients that you are brand new and that that is reflected in your start now pricing, just offer them a really, really good discount, a really fair price for what you're offering, what you're selling them, in order to make up for the fact that you haven't done this for people in the past before.

That will be also a really easy way to get your foot in the door and get hired despite all of the competition since you're new.

You're really getting this opportunity to build up your experience in your portfolio, and you wanna make sure that everyone that's involved is happy, right? So if they're not happy to give them their money back.

That's another way to seal the deal in terms of assigning clients.

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