How To Find Work Remote Jobs (Work From Home)

How To Find Work Remote Jobs (Work From Home)

How To Find Work Remote Jobs (Work From Home)

I've been working from home for over five years  now, yes before Covid, before it was actually a thing and not in your typical engineering type  of role. I got my first remote job with literally no experience at all. I was a fresh graduate from  university and yeah I managed to get one. 

Working from home has honestly changed my life, it's one  of the main reasons that I've been able to achieve my dreams and work towards other goals such as my  journey to financial independence. 

If you haven't checked it out it's here somewhere. One of the  questions I always get asked Is like "hey Kris how do you get these great jobs that allow you to  move to Dubai and you know have shares in Monzo" and things like that and honestly I realise it's  actually very hard to find a remote job. 

When you type in remote jobs most of the jobs that come  up are like engineering roles and not the typical roles that most people can go for. 

If I wasn't  working in this industry I actually wouldn't know of many remote companies, because I do, I know  many fantastic remote companies and I'm going to share them with you and you know the benefits  of working from home and how you can hopefully find a work from home job. 

I really think if  you have financial goals or want to achieve financial independence like me working from home  is a must. So for me, the best place to apply for remote jobs are in Startups. 

Usually, Startups  have paved the way for remote working compared to more corporate companies or more actually stable  informed companies, they're much more open to hiring amazing talent and by allowing people to  be remote they basically access a talent pool all over the world and they're also usually much more  lenient on experience as they are a startup and know they want to get people who are ambitious,  who are hard-working even if they don't have that much experience. 

So my trick is that instead  of searching directly on Google for remote jobs what you should do and what I do is basically  search for remote companies. 

What will usually happen is you'll get a list of remote companies  or fully remote companies or hybrid companies or companies that allow remote working and that  way you can go and look into each company, see if there's a company that your skills, your  experience, your industry expertise aligns with and see if you really like their culture. 

If you  like what they're doing and what their mission is, then you can go on their careers page and see  if they have a job that's suited for you or if they don't make sure you sign up to their  newsletter notifications or even send them a message to see if there's any roles that might  be coming up that might be available for you. 

This is such a better way because that way  you are finding companies that you're actually excited about and most of them will probably  have other jobs as well as engineering roles that you could potentially apply for. 

Here are a  list of some of the companies that I worked with, I know really well, that have amazing cultures  and missions and are remote: Github, Buffer, Zapier, BaseCamp, let'sdeel, Remote, Trello,  Tiny, Prolific and Monzo. Best jobs to get with little experience are usually in operations  this is because they don't really require a hard skill. 

So for example like you don't need  to have an engineering background they require more soft skills that you can gain over time.  So usually if you are looking for an entry-level role or beginner's role I would apply to Operation  roles specifically in Customer Support where they are much more open to taking graduates and people  who potentially have been out of the working world for a while. 

These roles are a great way to get  your foot in the door and hopefully work your way up or work your way towards another role that  you'd really really like. There's also a wave of jobs around being a Virtual Assistant for someone  either a small business or a company and you can find these jobs online as well so if you're  open to being a virtual assistant for someone this is a great way to also work from home. 

One  of the biggest things I want to say is that you do not have to have the experience to get a remote  job, if you're a fresh graduate or you're looking for a part-time job there's honestly loads of jobs  out there that do pay well for recent graduates and people who don't have much experience however  it is competitive so you really need to take the time and invest in the application and make a lot  of effort If you do want these jobs. 

I started my first job after I graduated at Monzo Bank in  customer support and was able to work in multiple teams in different areas and really progress my  career from home. 

I found that I'm actually so much more productive working from home than I  ever was in an office environment where I found there were so many distractions and it was really  hard for me to focus. 

Whereas when I'm working from home because I'm in my home environment and  there are no external cues around me I'm much more focused and can actually focus on doing solid work  and I really think that has helped my performance and got me where I am today in my career. 

On top  of that I've been able to travel and be like a digital nomad and be able to experience lots of  different cultures and experiences. 

So I was in Paris for a year and then I was in London and  now most recently I'm in Dubai, so yeah It's been absolutely incredible. I'm not going to go  into detail here because I've already got another video on this but I've got a video where you can  basically find out much more around what are the best websites to apply for remote jobs and startup  jobs, just a quick overview Its 

Otta is one of my favourites! They're just fantastic in  terms of job searching in startups and remote jobs. Then you have obviously LinkedIn which is a  typical place to look for jobs, you have and workinstartups are the other two as well so do  check that video out if you would like to actually look for a job in startups and then double-check  that they are going to be remote jobs.

Times have changed, you're going to honestly think working  from home is the way to go. 

I guess one of the things that have come from Covid is that so many  people that would have never ever had a chance to work from home because employers would have never  allowed it such as in the big investment banks and the consulting firms have now had the opportunity  to work from home. 

I know they absolutely love it, so many of my close friends who were like i'll  never leave London, I have to stay in London, I'm such an office person are now like moving to  rural areas up north and down south because they want to benefit from the cheaper rent and actually  love having a bigger space and working from home and just having much more control over their  life. 

I was just thinking that about how much time you lose over commuting every single day having  to get ready and then commute and some people's commutes are like one to two hours which is just  insane and then how much money actually spent on buying lunch like every day. 

I was so bad because  I had to get up early to get ready and then go to work I would never have time to make lunch so I'd  always end up buying lunch and typically like in London you spent at least six to seven quid on  buying, six to 10 quid on buying lunch because you gotta get that, you gotta get the meal and  like a drink and other bits with it so yeah, so it does get basically pretty expensive.  

I've honestly been able to save thousands in the past five years just because I don't work in  an office. Best of luck with your search and let me know if you have any questions. 

I'm such an  advocate for remote working and really think it can help people achieve a lot of their dreams and  ambitions without affecting their career as well.

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