5 Ways to Make Money as an Artist in 2021

5 Ways to Make Money as an Artist in 2021

5 Ways to Make Money as an Artist in 2021

So I have been working on this article on five different ways that you can make money online if you are an artist. 

Or if you are just a creative person, you do not need to be a professional artist to make money online. But you just need to be willing to learn and you just need a good eye for what looks good, and you just need to practice. 

So I have friends who are artists and have made money on these websites. 

And I have also made money on a few of them myself with a few of my different side projects. So all of these methods are 100% legit and real. So let's get started. 

Okay, so the first website I'm going to teach you about on how you can make money online as an artist is called Society6. 

So let's review some of the highlights. on society six, you can sell your original artwork or designs in different forms without having to worry about production or shipping. 

Basically, Society6 is a website where you will upload a file a graphic design or maybe a picture or something you've drawn or created. 

And society six will offer users or customers the ability to purchase your design. For example, let's say you drew a beautiful painting of a waterfall. 

And maybe someone liked your painting so much they bought it as a painting for their wall, or they bought it as a coaster like different posters for their desk or a pillowcase or a duvet cover. 

You don't have to worry about creating the actual items themselves. 

Society six will take a commission and they will do all of the production for you. So it's basically like you having your own store but all you have to do is upload the design, and they will produce and deliver your design on a different variety of different media. I will show you some examples shortly. 

So artists earnings are paid via PayPal on the first business day of each month, and credited 30 days after the shipment of each order. 

Artists earn 10% of every sale. Now you might think well 10% is quite low. 

But you don't have to pay for the costs of for example, the pillowcase and all the work involved in printing the artwork onto the pillowcase and shipping it and the shipping costs Society6deals with everything else. 

So this is the society six website. 

So basically what I wanted to show you is there's all sorts of feature products. Now right now a big one that's trending our face masks now that everyone has to wear different face masks everywhere you go because of COVID-19 all of these are different patterns or something that people have created. 

And whatever your design is, someone might buy this $14 face mask for example and someone has made this little design of this cat and you know basically they're going to sell these face masks and you'll get a commission if someone buys your design which is printed on this face mask. 

So all of these are many different examples and this is a quite a cool and fun niche to get into right now because obviously this is really popular. 

Okay, let's look at this. For example. This artist here Madeline Martinez, they've created this design of this little plant so that say you really like this and you wanted to buy, you know she's selling these for all these different costs. I mean this is really expensive $243 just for this large print of this of this plant, but they will actually print off this and send it in this large frame. 

And you don't have to do anything other than upload your design. If we click on her shop for example. This woman has 148 different designs. And this is her storefront and you can buy all sorts of different framed art prints, mini ones or large ones. 

And some of her designs are quite simple. 

And some of these you can see this says Get naked, Nice bum, I mean, this isn't even really, you know, this is not even anything really difficult to come up with the person literally just you know, has used this font or created this font on black. 

And this is a bathmat that they're selling, we click on this, this website cheeky little designs. 

You know, this is really, this is very simple and they're selling these as, as framed art prints as wood wall art. 

And all you really have to do is upload your little logo or your design or your whatever you've come up with, and people can buy this from your store. 

So here is an example of a poster set that I bought from my friend's shop to support him and he is an artist on Society6 he created this painting of a park in Madrid.

And now he sells these different designs on society six, and you can buy them as coasters or duvet covers or pillowcases or framed artwork for your wall. And he gets a commission every time someone buys something from his shop. 

So if you go to, it will show you exactly how it works.

Number one, you upload your work, you create an account, you start uploading to your artist shop to you design and enable products, you can enable a best in class array of wall art, home decor, furnitures, apparel and lifestyle products. 

Three, start selling, promote your work and watch the earnings rolling for setback, we fulfill print and ship everything so you can get back to doing what you love and create more art. 

So Society6 takes care of all the difficult part of this. And you just need to focus on creating art and promoting it. 

So you know whether that is sharing your designs on Pinterest or on YouTube or with your friends and family on Facebook and using, you know SEO and keywords, try to sell your designs and get them to become popular on the website. 

But this is a way to get started with selling your artwork, obviously, you're not going to become rich overnight, you need to build up a presence and have quality work. 

But eventually, you know people could find your work. And you know, you can make commission this way, as my friend has. 

And all you have to do is click Register. 

And you can say Are you here to discover art or upload art. 

So you would click Upload art and then here you can go ahead and start to create your storefront. 

Another thing I want to show you is there's a website called similar web where we can analyze any website to see the type of traffic because there are a lot of different websites similar to society six, but maybe you're asking well how many people are actually visiting these websites looking for are looking for something to buy and not just using Amazon, for example. 

So let's go ahead and analyze So here you can see a little bit of information about this website. 

You can see this isn't a brand new website, this website was founded in 2009. It's the number eight website for arts and entertainment in the world, according to the category rank here. 

You know, actually, there's more and more people visiting this website each month, you can see in March 3 million, almost 4 million people, 5 million people in April, over 5 million in June and almost 7 million people viewing this website in July.

You can also see where people are looking from now one of the beautiful things about this website is you might be from India or the Philippines or something and have a piece of your artwork there. 

But people from the United States will be able to buy your piece of artwork because they're producing this artwork in the United States. 

So they will just ship it from the United States to whoever the client is, even though the artist is in the Philippines or in India. 

So as long as you can accept money with PayPal, which I know is a struggle for some countries. And that's why I have other options I'm going to show you in this article for earning as an artist that does not pay with just PayPal, but this is a great option for you.

Okay, so the second way that you can earn money as an artist or as a creator is with a website called 99designs. 

So there are two ways that you can work with 99designs. 

You can work directly with clients with a one to one project where you would design a project or design something custom for your client. 

But more typically, before you reach that point, you will compete with the community in a design contest, which is the other way that you can work with 99designs. 

So basically, let's say there's a company and they want to design a certain type of logo but they don't know exactly what they want. 

They might say hi I have a cleaning company. I like the colors blue and pink. 

And I want the logo to be in a circle and this is the name of the logo. 

Well, you will compete with a whole bunch of different designers trying to create the logo that this person will pick.

And if they pick you, then you'll get paid money for that design. 

Now, of course, this is competitive, but it is a fun way to sort of learn and practice your skills while you are competing in a contest. And eventually, if you start to have people pick your design, then you will build a portfolio and become better known within the community of 99 designs. 

And then you're more likely to get jobs being able to work directly with clients. 

And it's also just an interesting way to sort of practice your skills and challenge yourself to become a better logo or graphic design artist. 

So 99designs offers two different payment options Payoneer, and there's no withdrawal fee, free activation, low charges apply. 

And there's a 24 to 48 hour turnaround. 

The other option is with PayPal, there's no withdrawal fee charges apply, and there's a two to three day turnaround. So this is a great website for those artists who are in different countries that maybe don't accept PayPal, but they do accept Payoneer. 

Okay, so this is 99designs are right here, I'm on the, but you can just go to, they have many different website and extensions, depending on the country that you are looking from.

So you can see the different sorts of things people are creating here, there's product labels, there's logo designs, business cards. 

So here's an example, this client here wanted to get a have a logo. 

So this is the contest that they had. And this is the winner of the contest. 

So this designer right here would have got paid for creating this little logo here. 

And basically, the client would have a brief here, they'd say the industry that they're in their slogan, their design, inspiration, so logos that they liked, then they say the colors that they're interested in the design style that they like, and they pay for the $300 package, now, you would get a commission of that not the full amount, because 99designs does take a profit. And then you can see here, there were 110 design entries from 52 different designers, so you were competing, this person was competing with 52 different designers. 

And some of them had multiple design entries. 

And then there was one winner. 

So if you're looking, you have a one in 50 chance, for example of of winning, which isn't a huge chance. But this does give you an opportunity to compete with other people and to sort of practice and improve and become better at your own design and logo creation skills. 

So if you want to become a designer with 99designs, you just go to 

And then you can just click on Apply now. 

And basically, it's free to sign up, you just say you're a designer. 

And again, there's two different ways to work, you can work directly with clients, or you can compete with the community in a design contest. 

So the negatives is that, you know, if you do participate in a contest, and you don't win, you know, you will get all the rights to your work. 

So you can use those in your portfolio. 

Unfortunately, you won't get paid, but it does give you a chance to sort of build your portfolio and to improve your own design skills. 

And then eventually, hopefully, you'll be able to build a good enough portfolio that you can work directly with clients on this website. 

So again, we're gonna go to similar 

And look at the stats of this website. This was founded in 2006. 

You can see here that they're averaging over 3 million visitors per month, actually closer to 4 million visitors per month. 

So there are a lot of people coming to this website.

And you can see here, there's 99, .fr. So I think the stats of all of these combined would be even greater.

So I would just go ahead and create an account at or whatever country that you're in, because it's all connected to the same website.

Okay, so the third way that you can earn money as an artist is with a website that is very similar to society six but actually gets even more traffic called Red Bubble. 

So with Red Bubble, you can sell your original artwork or designs in different forms in your own online shop without having to worry about production or shipping. 

So it's very similar to society six, where you would upload a design that you have created yourself. 

And then that design can be sold in the form of a facemask or a sticker or a T-shirt or a piece of artwork to put on someone's wall and then you don't have to worry about actually shipping it to anyone or producing it Red Bubble will do that for you. 

You just have to worry about creating artists earnings are paid via PayPal, payments are made once a month via PayPal once you reach $20 in profit. 

So this is the website right here, And as you can see right now, face masks are a huge thing because everyone's going to be wearing them. 

You know right now it's the new normal. 

So people are selling tons of different face masks and different little fun creative ones. And that is a really big thing right now, that even has its own category right here, all masks, kid masks... Let's look at teen masks. 

Yes, there's all sorts of like fun little designs that people are coming up with. 

So you can see there's shop masks, shops for stickers, t shirts, posters, wall art clothing, you can go ahead and click on sell your art to find out a little bit more about if you were to sell on this website. 

Sell your art printed on high quality products to a global audience. 

It's fun, easy and quick to get started. 

So if you want to know how Red Bubble works, you upload your designs to products in your shop. customers find and purchase products they love featuring your designs, products are produced to order and shipped around the world. 

And customers get an awesome product and you get paid. 

So you can choose to put your arm on whatever product you want. 

So for example, this is the little design right here, you could sell it as a painting, as a piece of clothing as an iPhone case, or as a T shirt. 

You have control over what you earn with flexible pricing. There's anti piracy and watermark features to protect your designs. 

And then you have support for customers 24 seven. 

So you go ahead and sign up and you will sign up as an artist fill in all of your information. 

And then you can begin to create your own shop. 

Again, if this is something that you're interested in knowing, you know, more step by step about how you would upload it how exactly you go about this process. 

Let me know in the comment section because Galeri Loker will make article specifically for Society6, and 99designs and Red Bubble, for you know each of these different websites. 

And I will put those on my Studio Jen website where I will be talking more about graphic design and logo creation and all of that stuff. 

They also have a help center that gives you all really in depth information on how to get started with designing and uploading your work and even promoting your shop so you can make more money. 

Let's go ahead and look at the analytics on 

You can see here that this was founded in 2006. 

And you can see that they have millions and millions: 26 million, 25 million, 21 million. 

And this is right now up to 32 million visitors in July. It seems to just be going up more and more and more now that people are online more and people are shopping online and not going to stores as much because of the pandemic. 

People are going to websites like this to buy their face masks so they have something cool to wear when they're going to town for example. 

Of course these statistics also take into account people who are you know, sellers for this website visiting this website. 

But obviously this is a huge amount of people and a lot of these are buyers and people looking for different products. 

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