5 Stay At Home Side Hustles You Can Do Now

5 Stay At Home Side Hustles You Can Do Now

5 Stay At Home Side Hustles You Can Do Now

Did you know that there are more stay-at-home opportunities than ever before? 

Did you know you could make money using your cell phone or your laptop and be in your pjs while you're doing it?  

Well, it's all true. I'm going to show you exactly how I make money with my side hustles and some new side hustles that you have not even heard about that can start making you money now. Let's go.

Galeri Loker going to share with you my fully researched and implemented side businesses that I do now and you can do too. 

I'm going to share with you my true story of how much money I made with my side hustles and the opportunity that exists to make even more for someone that wanted to do it on a full-time basis. 

And last but not least, I'm going to share with you a new idea that almost no one is talking about because they don't even know it. 

There are so many benefits to a home-based business. And side hustles are now the new thing.  And that is because we need to create multiple streams of income. 

So, I know you're probably read this article thinking, "Yes, I need some side hustles. I need some side money." And you are definitely on the right track. 

I remember when I was working, I always had a side hustle. Whether it was selling It Works or Herbalife.

You know, some of those type of things. I always kept a  side hustle and I even had some side business.  

And there's so many benefits. One, you're working from home. 

So, it will allow you to work from anywhere that is your home. 

You don't need an office you don't have that extra expense of paying for a lease or even buying or paying for space and working with someone and having to owe them space.  

There's just so many advantages to working from home. 

Additionally, tax breaks. When you have a home-based business or side hustle, you become a  business and you'll be able to write off so many more things. 

For example, your cell phone or your car expenses, just to name a few. In fact, I've made an entire article telling you all about all of the benefits for home-based business and I'll make sure to put a link in the description box for you and on the screen. 

But again, the bottom line to it is I know that you are read this article because you know there are so many benefits to a side hustle. And the biggest benefit is that it's really easy to get started. 

So, let me tell you how you do that. 

So, as many of you guys know,  I started off as a real estate investor from my parents' basement. And essentially, it was a side hustle. 

I ended up in my parents' basement because I was trying to flip houses when I had a job and I absolutely did not know what I was doing.  

And so, when the market crashed in 2008 and 2009.  We ended up losing everything. And I ended up back in my parents' basement dejected, broke, with bad credit. 

Well, that's the perfect time to start a side hustle if you ask me. So, that's what I did.  I started with something called wholesaling. 

And this is the first side hustle that I'm gonna tell you about because I made a ton of money doing it.  

And you can truly turn this into a full-time hustle if you so choose. 

But I started like I said as a side hustle and I was making about $5,000  per deal. Let me quickly explain to you how you do that. 

So, wholesaling is a process where you find people that are behind on their mortgage payments or they're in a home that they cannot afford or the house is falling apart or there's some type of property problem that's causing them distress.  

Meaning they're about to lose the house or they do not want the house any longer. And so, you market  to these people, you get them under contract and you flip those contracts to investors --people  that fix and flip homes, people that want rental properties. 

Okay? And again, I'm telling you this absolutely free and I paid over $20,000 to learn this skill and I'm going to quickly tell you the gist of it because you can start doing this now and I've made an entire playlist teaching you exactly how to start wholesaling houses fast.  

And again, I will put a link to the description box for you. So, back to this point.  

You want to start finding people with property problems and it is very easy to do and it's very low cost. You can find these people, again, get them under contract just use an example for $100,000 and then simply flip that contract for maybe 5,000 or 10,000 dollars more.  

So, in the example, you get it under contract for $100,000 and then you market the property to other investors for maybe 105,000 or 110,000. And you get to keep the difference. 

So, essentially, you are working as a marketer for the homeowner.  You are not their agent, you're not a real estate agent, that's not what you're doing. 

You're just helping them find a buyer for their home through a network of wholesalers and investors. Again, super simple. 

I have an entire article teaching this it's a little bit too much to go into here. But know that this is an awesome side hustle because again, I was able to find a deal in like 2 months, a  month, 2 months I had a deal worth 5 thousand, 10 thousand and then I was able to do this every single month.

My first year of doing wholesaling, I had a deal almost every single month. I think  I did 13 deals that first year and I made over $60,000 just as a side hustle. And again, I didn't have to leave my home.

I was able to do this from my house with my computer and just look items up and then market and send these things out absolutely free. You got to look into the side hustle. 

Most people don't know about it and it's absolutely amazing. And there's even more opportunities now with some of the things that have happened with the pandemic and things like that. 

There are so many people that need help with their homes and you can start making money in the process. 

Number 2. And this is the easy side hustle. 

This is really just reading. If you speak well, if you know how to read, you can make a ton of money reading people's audiobooks, reading doing voice-over work. 

Again, a voiceover is when you speak over something that is happening or you do an audiobook recording where you record the book. 

You just have to read the book and you record the audio and people will pay you for that. I actually have books and I have paid for this service. 

You can get started absolutely free in many cases and start signing up to do voice-over work. Additionally, if you have a phone or computer, you can start doing some samples and get your work out there. 

There's websites, you can just Google and put voice-over work or voice-over gigs and put your city and state and you can start getting signed up with all of these different companies that let you do this. 

And on average, you can make $300 a day doing this. Pretty simple,  pretty easy, no real skills required except being able to read. 

Number 3, I absolutely love this one and this is a social media manager. I know many people think that this is going to be something difficult or you need some specialized skill. 

But that is so not true. 

I have hired and paid so many people to do my social media and they did not have a lot of experience doing it. As a business owner,  I am very busy. 

I do not have time to be on social media making posts making stories and doing all of the things that are necessary for my business.  

So, if you are a person that enjoys being on social media, that enjoys putting posts together, if someone just sends you pictures and you can caption them and start to put little videos together, you can make a nice gig doing this for people. 

You can work for doctors, lawyers, chiropractors. 

Again, really easy to pick very professional people that need help with their social media but do not have any interest in ever learning it. 

Those people need a social media, they have the money to pay you and they're looking for you. 

Trust me, I have a ton of lawyers that will love... Lawyers, even accountants. 

Actually,  one of my good friends, he's an accountant.  

He needs a lot of help with his social media,  Facebook ads, Instagram ads. 

He makes a ton of money and he's making even more money because he now has someone posting on his social media every single day now and he pays that person and they're able to work from home. 

It's an awesome side hustle. 

Number 4, private label products. 

Again, I'm telling you side hustles that I did. 

I know there's tons of side hustles out there. 

There's lots of companies that you can look on alibaba, you can even look on amazon for private label people.  

And they have products that you can put your own logo, you can put your own things on and the product is already packaged and made for you.  

This is an amazing way to start making money with a side hustle. 

So, let me tell you what I did because I've done this twice. The first one I did was with Tea More Skinny (T-e-a) more (m-o-r-e)  skinny is this detox tea that I absolutely love.  

I was drinking it and I was losing weight. 

You guys know I have 5 kids, okay? I got 5 birth. 5,  

I really have 7 but I birth 5. So, I needed to kind of lose some of that baby fat especially you know, you're working, you're not necessarily able to go to the gym, you don't have a lot of time. 

So, the Tea More Skinny that I was drinking was actually a detox tea. 

And I actually bought the proprietary mix. And then he was able to private label it for me and it's my blend now. 

So, it's absolutely easy to do things like that. 

I  know people that have done lotions, hair products, clothes. 

There's lots of different things that you can do private label. Start looking this up. 

It's an absolutely amazing thing to do. 

Like I  said, I've been selling tea now since 2014. It's 2021. 

I make money every single month selling my tea and it's just a nice little side hustle. 

I've never really focused it on it as a big business just because the profit margin never matched real estate or even the wholesaling and other stuff that I told you about that I make a ton of money.  

But if you like products, this is for you. Tea  More Skinny is an amazing product. 

I believe in it. 

But I did not have to actually make the tea or put it all together. 

There was a company that sold me a proprietary blend. 

I own it and now I'm able to sell it. And it was super inexpensive too.  

And last but not least, YouTube. YouTube is my fifth and best hustle, okay? 

I was so late to the party with YouTube and it was probably one of the biggest mistakes that I made when it came to side hustles and even getting in on the party.  YouTube is an absolutely amazing stream of income.  

At the time of making this article, I make nearly $40,000 a month just for my website.  

Now, again, I do it on a really high level and  I've spent a lot of money making my article.  

But in the beginning, you do not have to spend that and you can start making a profit.  

They will run ads on your website, okay? You get to decide if you want them, if you don't want them, if you want skippable ads, if you don't want skippable ads. 

Again, there's a whole nuance to it. I'm not going to get into it. 

But know that this is an amazing side hustle and it doesn't cost a lot of money. 

You really just need to start sharing your knowledge your information and what it is that you can do if you want to make something that's entertaining or something like that, that's not necessarily my recommendation. 

If you are talking about doing it as a side hustle where you're going to be making some money, my suggestion is teach something that you know well. It could be how to braid hair.  It could be how to potty train a baby. 

It could be how to potty train a dog. It really doesn't matter. 

But it has to be something that you know really well so that you can keep making content teaching people on it and you can really start to offer them something off of YouTube to make money.  

So, let me keep going because I just have to tell you this because this is just like an amazing bonus, okay? This is an amazing bonus. When it comes to YouTube and social media and all of these other things, the real side hustle and the real money is taking people off of these platforms and getting their emails, getting their contact information and then offering them your product and service. 

This is how you really make a ton of money with any side hustle no matter what it is that you do. 

Even if you do makeup at a store, you can start to offer packages where you work outside of the store. So, again, just giving you some ideas of what you can do. 

But when it comes to YouTube and things like that, my podcast, the way that I've really been able to monetize this and turn it from a side hustle into real money which is what I promised I would share with you is by giving away content for free offering them some type of free downloads, some type of free book, some type of free podcast, some type of free training so that you can get their email.  

The email list is going to make you so much money and turn your side hustle into a real business.  

Once you have people's contact information, you can email them your offers, you can tell them what you got going on, if you're having an event.  

Anything that you want to do, you can contact them and start making offers and turn that into money. And that's really how you turn your side hustle into a multi-million dollar business.  

Okay, I said I was going to stay. That was going to be the last bonus but I have one more.  

Sales. Sales is like this last thing. You can do sales from home. 

So, this is number 6. I know I said I was going to give you 5 but I always overshare and I have to overdeliver. 

You need to know that if you can talk on the phone and read scripts and things like that, you can make a ton of money working from home for lots of different companies including Noelle's. 

If for example, you want to stay at home job. where you're talking on the phone like call center, customer service, or something like that, I have 6 businesses that I  run and we are constantly looking for great people with great voices and an awesome attitude.

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