4 Tips for a Powerful Business Presentation

4 Tips for a Powerful Business Presentation

4 Tips for a Powerful Business Presentation

When you first start a business and are asked to demonstrate it, you will usually be confused about what information to convey, so that investors can understand the complete business idea. 

Unfortunately, humans tend to have low concentration abilities and are more prone to distraction. Therefore, a business presentation should not only ensure the completeness of the information, but must also be as short and simple as possible to avoid distraction.

An entrepreneur Jent Glantz shares his 4 tips for compiling material business presentation a short and simple. This method is usually called the 'elevator pitch', which is to deliver the percentage of the business in less than 1 minute. 

Glantz is the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. The business provides bridesmaid services to brides. He is one of the most popular in the world, because he is a business originator that is still rare. 

Yang first, Start with what you do. It is very important to start with a description of what your business is doing. 

As the owner, of course it will be difficult to determine what information should be included in the presentation material by looking at it from various angles. Instead of cramming a lot of keywords and key points, limit what you do to a maximum of three aspects.

Try to think of categories to summarize the various sections or choose one general statement that covers the main goals of the business. For example, instead of saying "We provide services that include marketing, social media, email strategy, social advertising, search, etc." better say, "We provide digital marketing and social media services ..." 

Second, Say who the target is. The people who listen to your percentage not only want a clear explanation of what kind of business you run, but also to whom it will be marketed. Show who are the main clients of your business. 

Note, there is no need to explain the target consumer by entering a lot of details. You just need to be specific. For example, by saying, "we usually work with clothing designers" or "Our main customers are those who are starting small businesses and need funding." 

There is no need to describe in detail the age category, address or income level. The third. Describe what makes you different. An equally important part of a business presentation is to present a point in the explanation that will appeal to and be remembered by those who listen to your presentation. Show some information that can show the uniqueness of your business. 

Choose three things that show the uniqueness of your business when compared to competitors. Put these points into the sentence that you will convey before ending the percentage. Make sure to choose something that is useful, meaningful or perhaps memorable to the listener. For example, "we donate 50 percent of sales to charities." Thefourth one, write a long story. 

If you are just starting out writing material for a business presentation, start by writing a longer answer to the previous three points of the question, namely the type of business, business goals and the unique features of your business. 

No need to worry about making it shorter and shorter. 

You just need to enter all the answer ideas and then cut them shorter by sorting which information you think is important to other people to know. 

What is no less important is asking for suggestions and criticism of the material. Share it with people who may not know about your business. 

Their feedback will be very helpful in determining whether the material made is clear and interesting or not. That's it, we've summarized 4 business presentation tricks. 

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