4 Non Voice Freelancing Jobs ( No Experience Needed)

4 Non Voice Freelancing Jobs ( No Experience Needed)

4 Non Voice Freelancing Jobs ( No Experience Needed)

So you want to be a freelancer but  hates going through interviews.

You don't want sending proposals because in the first place,

you don't have a portfolio.

And it's hard for you to  find a client for yourself

because you are competing with  far more experienced freelancers.

I got you!

So in this article, I'm going to share with you

another five freelancing  jobs that you can apply to.

So the first website is

In, you can be a  writer in a specific subject or topic

that you choose when you register.

The application process involves a language test

which assesses your proficiency in English,

and a subject test, which involves questions

regarding the subjects or topics that you choose.

So the final part of the  application process is a test task

where you are required to submit a manuscript

in APA or MLA format within 48 hours.

So the average pay is $4 to $15 per page.

To apply, we're going to type  on the address bar of our browser

and we're going to be redirected to this page.

We're just going to click register as  an author and put our information here.

The second job would be to  be a tutor at

So being a tutor at when you register,

you will also choose the subjects or  topics that you would like to tutor with.

So regarding these topics, your  credentials or college degree

should match these topics  or subjects that you choose.

Course hero is somehow implementing a strict  deliberation process in hiring tutors.

For, you should  at least be a college graduate

for you to be able to be accepted.

So the requirements would be an identity  verification and credentials verification

where you will upload your  diploma or transcript of records.

With the application process,  there is no test or exam like that.

The average pay for Course hero  would be $3 to $5 per question

and you can earn as much as $1500 monthly.

To apply, we're going to type in "course hero"

on the google search bar and  then click "become a tutor" here.

Upon clicking, we will be redirected to this page,

and click "apply now".

Input the needed information and sign up.

So the next job would be a  tutor again with

The earning potential with  is way higher at $7500 monthly.

With the application process of  Studypool, it is much more rigorous.

So there will be a language test

to assess your proficiency in  English and grammatical skills,

and you will be required to  submit at least three manuscripts

in APA format about different  topics of your choosing.

So with Studypool, I tried  applying but I was rejected.

I will show you what I did.

Legalization of marijuana  is one of the manuscripts

that I submitted as an application.

So as you can see, I have all my sources there.

I have cited them properly in APA format.

I've also properly referenced  them as you can see there,

but still I was rejected because of plagiarism.

Can you tell me guys where I went wrong?

So to apply, we're just going  to type in

on the address bar of our browser

and then we're going to be  redirected to this page.

On the top right corner, click "become a tutor"

and then click "apply now".

So the next job would be to be a  transcriptionist at

For, the average pay  would be $0.60 per minute of audio

and an earning potential of up to $1215 monthly.

All you have to do is pass the language test,

and just like any other  transcription or captioning services,

you have to pass their transcription test as well.

To apply, just go to

Scroll all the way down.

Under "for transcriptionists", click "work".

You will be redirected to this page

and then you just have to click  "apply now" and then "English".

So you will be directed to this page just  sign up with your email and password.

So that's it everyone!

So I hope this article is helpful.

Please do leave your comments down below

if you have questions,  suggestions, or recommendations.

I will see you in my next article.


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