10 Skills Every Millionaire Must Master

10 Skills Every Millionaire Must Master

10 Skills That Millionaires Master

10 skills that millionaires master. 

Did you know that millionaires have way more in common than just their bank accounts? Yeah, it's true. 

Most millionaires have skills that most people have no idea about and they have  mastered them. Galeri Loker going to tell you the most important skills for you to master  so that you can do it too. Let's go.

I'm going to share with you exactly why no matter  what your personality is, you can definitely be a millionaire with these skills. I'm going to share  with you the biggest skill to being a millionaire that almost no one is talking about. And last  but not least, I'm going to share with you the easiest way to develop all 10 of these skills  this year. 

Being a millionaire is one of the most amazing accomplishments of my life. 

I set  out to make a million dollars in a year to have a million dollars in my bank account and to have  at least a million dollars as my net worth. 

And it was one of the best achievements of my entire  life when I did all 3. 

So, I know what it's like to be a millionaire and I know what it takes to go  on the journey to go from not being a millionaire to then now being one. And there were definitely  some specific skills that I had to develop. 

I did it and you definitely can do it too. I'm going to  list them out and I want you to please put down below in the comment box which one resonates with  you the most and which one you're working on so that we can talk about it. 

Now, let's get to the  list. 

Number 1, taking risks. 

You have to get very comfortable taking risks as a millionaire. I know  this was not something that I was very good at in the beginning and I used to even have anxiety  attacks as I was trying to do different things in real estate. 

I was feeling like, "Man,  this is scary. Man, this is a lot of money.  

Man, I'm not so sure about this." And I had to  get more comfortable taking risks. 

Because every time something comes along, there's going to be a  risk associated with it. And if you really want to be a millionaire, please believe you are going to  be a risk-taker. 

Now, I'm not talking about being crazy and jumping out of airplanes and running in  front of buses or anything like that. 

But there is definitely a risk to anything. And so, let me  be clear. 

You are not leaving this earth alive, okay? You are not leaving this earth alive.  

There is a risk to life. None of us are getting out of this thing alive. So, know that there is  risk. You're not going to die. 

In most cases, if you start a business or if you quit your job  or if you buy a house or you invest in a stock, most likely even if it doesn't work out, you're  going to be fine. 

And that is one of the things that millionaires and billionaires and now that  I'm around all of these successful people. 

They all know this and they're very comfortable with taking risks. 

Number 2, independent thinking.  

This is so important. Being an independent  thinker means that you do not just do everything that other people are doing. Not that you're some  contrarian that just goes against what the public is doing or goes against what the masses is doing.  

But in most cases, you are. It sounds crazy but in most cases, most people are not millionaires. 

So, if you want to be a millionaire and start to live a life that is different than most people, you're  probably going to think differently than most people. 

So, don't be surprised that your thoughts  are different than others and that most people are not going to agree and come along with ideas  that you have. 

Being a millionaire means that you need to be an independent thinker that you can  come up with your own thoughts, your own ideas, and your own opinions. 

You are not afraid to be  different than other people and you have your own way of thinking. That's important. 

Number  3, being a visionary. 

I, Noelle Randall am a true visionary. I can come up with an idea and no  one in the room understands or sees what I see.  

And that is okay with me. Being a visionary means  you can see things before it's built. 

Meaning that you can see a whole project when there's just  a dirt ground there. I literally understand business. I can see a empty field and see a whole  Walmart. 

I can see the lines, I can see the carts, I can see the people coming in. I can see where  the chick-fil-a is going to be, where the other thing is going to be, with the strip mall. 

I can  see all of it and I'm looking at an empty field.  

That's a visionary. You have to be able to do the  exact same thing if you want to be a millionaire.  

You have to be able to see things that are not there. You have to be able to create from something that does not exist. In order to make  the incredible, you have to be able to see things that do not exist. 

That's a saying someone else's  quote. 

So, I'm going to give that one to you.  

That's number 3. Number 4, emotional intelligence.  

Man, I cannot tell you how important it is to have emotional intelligence. Meaning EQ, like how some  of us have an IQ, our intelligence quotient. 

Some of us need an emotional quotient. Like  how well do you deal with adversity?  

How well do you deal with anger? How well do you  deal with sadness or depression or when things don't work out for you? It is so important that  you have emotional intelligence. 

That you're not a person that just flies off the handle or starts  crying or goes crazy when something happens. 

If you are saying you want to be a millionaire, it is a journey. 

If you're self-made like I am where no one gave me any money, I had to pay my way through school, I had to pay my way through college, I had to work a job. 

If that is you and  you want to be a self-made millionaire, please know that you're going to have a lot of  emotional intelligence. 

There are going to be people that say things to you. They may say racist  things, they may say sexist things, they may say hurtful things. 

There are things that people are  going to say to you that you are going to have to just reply with a smile and a nod. Literally.  They may say some of the most disrespectful, craziest things to you and you are going to have to have enough emotional intelligence to be able to say, "Thank you" and walk away without losing your cool without ruining the deal, without fighting anyone, or any of those things. 

Emotional  intelligence is one of the skills you must develop if you want to be a millionaire. 

Number 5 and this  is the one probably most people are thinking might be number 1. 

Money management. Money management is  not a skill that most people have but I assure you every millionaire has great money management  skills. 

If they're truly a millionaire in all 3 definitions like i told you earlier. 

There's no  way that someone's going to have a million dollars cash, and a million dollars an asset, is earning  a million dollars a year and keeps that going year after year without money management. 

Whether  it's a skill that they've developed on their own that they already have that they're very good with  their checking and their credit reports and things like that. 

Or you will hire someone that can  help teach you how to manage your money. 

But it is a skill that you are going to have to develop.  

You can't be afraid to have money conversations.  

You can't be afraid to ask people for more money.  

You can't be afraid to raise your prices. 

You have to get good with money and managing your money. It  has to be a conversation that you're comfortable with. 

As a millionaire, I love talking about money and I have no problems telling you that I'm a millionaire. And the people that I talk to  talk the same way back to me. 

Talking about money and money management is a skill for a millionaire.  

Number 6, oh my gosh. We're getting hot right now.  

Marketing. Marketing, marketing, marketing. If  you say you want to be a millionaire, you're on a journey to be a millionaire, trust me, you are  going to have to get good at marketing. 

Noelle was not good at marketing when I started. Please know  this is not something that I came out of the womb crawling around like, "Hey, go to Noelle's free  training. 

I did not know how to market myself.  

I did not know how to market my business. It  was a skill that I really had to develop and it was a skill that has taken me years. I'm still  learning how to market. How do you sell yourself?  

How do you sell your products and your services.  You have to work on the skill. You cannot be afraid to market your business. 

There's no  business that is making millions of dollars that no one knows about. 

Someone has  to know. Your customer most importantly needs to know about you so you have to market in  order to be a millionaire. 

Number 7, sales. Yes, sales and salesmanship is an important skill for  any millionaire. 

This is something you are going to have to develop. And this is one I can make an entire video all about. 

Sales is so important.  

Most people have no idea how to sell anything.  

They're uncomfortable selling, they don't like selling. It really kind of goes hand in hand with  the skill that I said before about marketing.  

Being able to market yourself and tell people  about yourself. Marketing and sales are very...  

They're not the same thing but they are very intertwined. You know what I mean? 

You have to be able to tell people and advertise. And then when  you get them on the phone or you get them in your store, you get them in your office; you need to  be able to convert them. 

So, if you are not good at selling, it is not something that you enjoy,  you're probably never going to be a millionaire.  

I'm just being honest with you. Almost every  millionaire that I know even on the low, depending on no matter what their personality, I mean people  that don't even like talking a lot; they know how to sell their product and their service. 

So,  it doesn't matter if you can sell everything.  

You don't have to be the person that can sell  ice to an eskimo and all that other stuff. 

But you need to be able to sell your product and your  service very well if you want to be a millionaire.  

Number 8, and this is the easy one. Planning.  Most people actually are pretty good at this.  

And I can honestly say this is not something that  a lot of people struggle with. But millionaires are really good at planning and organizing their  day, their week, their month, their year. 

I am not going to lie to you. 

This was not something that I struggled with. I actually was pretty good at planning. 

I could write down a plan. I could  tell you I was going to do this and I was going to do this. And I was going to do this. 

Now, the difference is between old me and millionaire me is I know how to execute a plan. 

That is where most people fall down. Many people can write down a plan and write down what they're going to do and  write down their goals, that's easy. 

The harder part is executing on your plan. So, not only do  you make a plan but you execute on your plan and you need to develop the skill to do both of those  things. 

Number 9, influence. 

Influencing, being able to influence other people is a skill that you  need to develop. As a real estate entrepreneur, a millionaire, a mom of 5, I did not understand  how important it was to be able to influence.  

I have been a manager. I had been someone in  corporate America that was able to dictate what you had to do. "Hey, you need to do this. Hey,  you didn't do your job. Hey, you showed up late."  

I was the manager so I was used to authority like that. If someone gave me the authority, then I would talk to the people that I had authority  over and give them direction. But no. 

This is far beyond that. That was old Noelle. That was  you know hundreds of thousands of dollars Noelle.  

Millions of dollars Noelle knows how to influence.  

I know how to be a person of influence. 

I know how to get people to do things without telling them to  do it. 

I know how to get people to buy my product, my services, my books, watch my shows without me  having to tell you or beg you. 

I know how to get influence. And being able to influence is much  different than authority. 

Being able to influence someone does not mean you have any authority over  them. It doesn't. You don't have to be a manager a president of the united states or something like  that in order to have influence over a person.  

In order to be a person of influence, you  need to know how to do that and it probably will start with a book by John Maxwell that I  read called Becoming A Person Of Influence. 

If you don't know how to have influence, read that book. It was life-changing for me. 

Number 10, communication. 

Communication is probably the  most important skill that you will need to develop as a millionaire. Let me say that again.  Communication, being able to speak well, being able to communicate your ideas and your thoughts clearly concisely without going "um" and "an",  

"uh" and yelling or your voice is too  high or too low or you're too shy.  

Being able to communicate effectively is a great skill. And every millionaire that I know has it.  

If you don't have it, it is a skill that you can  develop. 

I have had many coaches that helped me on camera. 

I have had coaches that helped me speak on stage. 

I've had coaches that helped me act in movies like all different things. If you are communicating, you may need a coach. 

I had to get a coach, okay? 

Even though I had millions  of dollars, I had no idea how to make YouTube videos for example. 

And I needed someone and I had to pay them to teach me how to communicate to just the camera with other people around here and not  look at them and just look at you with the camera.  

Things like that. Communication is so important.  It is a skill you must develop if you truly want to be a millionaire. 

I just want to make sure that  you have all of the resources, all of the tools, and all of the knowledge that you need to be  successful. To your success.

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